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About Press Copyright Creators Advertise Developers +YouTube Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Test new features Loading... Too far to pose a threat. Jason Mon, Apr 26, 2010, 4:48am (UTC -6) I found this episode very poor and 'fast-forwarded' through a lot of it. During the second to last attack on the USS Voyager by the subspace warheads in the firing range, Seven can be heard telling Lieutenant Tom Paris to "isolate subspace band Omicron have a peek at this web-site

Instead of stepping in, she leaves.) [Engineering] TORRES: Run another diagnostic on the injector ports. More research? While she is technically not a Starfleet officer she's still part of the crew. I think that is in character.

Star Trek: Voyager Q2

Piano music plays in the background, Chopin's Barcarolle.) HOLO-CHAKOTAY: You look perfect. TORRES: You're asking me what I do with my hair? Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame! Indeed, the emotion overload borg button sounds logical enough.

  1. We see what she is capable of feeling and expressing, but she's become comfortable with the persona she's developed as a human who was recently Borg.
  2. The two toast their agreement.
  3. He reminds her of the stylistic importance of the drapes matching the carpet.
  4. JANEWAY: Do it.
  5. JANEWAY: Turn our bow into the wavefront.
  6. She opens up when nobody is around but in the end when she thinks she's too distracted she shuts back in.
  7. Have you missed any regeneration cycles?

And then, just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse, in comes Acoushla Moya with some Indian piece of junk for her to decorate her pad with, and the I want you to play. SEVEN: I suppose this makes you my inaugural guest. Star Trek: Voyager Workforce SEVEN: I'm fine.

They try to tackle the wine again and she gently traces the contours of his face. Voyager Computer (voice) Manu Intiraymi ... Seven accepts and offers some kind words to her captain for all the help she has given her since her liberation from the Borg Collective. Presumably, they wanted it to be tragic, that Seven could have the possibility of a normal life and then rip that away from her.

CHAKOTAY: It's a date. [Sickbay] EMH: (sings) Rock-a-bye baby, in the space dock. Star Trek: Voyager Natural Law TrekCore Star Trek Voyager Screencaps TREKCORE > VOY > Images

Home > Season 7 Screencaps > 7x18 - Human Error 7x18 - Human Error 435 files on 19 page(s) 12 3 SEVEN: It was functioning properly when you examined me two days ago. JANEWAY [OC]: Report to the Astrometrics lab.

Star Trek Voyager Season 7 Episode 19

It hits the ship since Paris doesn't have time to make the adjustment. The four minutes of him "advising" Seven on what to do with her imaginary quarters are four minutes of my life I'll never get back. Star Trek: Voyager Q2 And eventually, she ends up on a date with a holographic Chakotay, which I'm sure for some viewers may seem like an odd character choice but is perfectly reasonable for the Chopin's Nocturne Op.72 No.1 In E Minor What you experienced was no malfunction.

Tom Paris Ethan Phillips ... Check This Out SEVEN: Please come in. Computer, end programme.(Seven returns to her semi-Borg self, and puts her hair back up as she leaves.) [Astrometrics lab] SEVEN: I wasn't able to find the cause of the discharges, but Something completely foreign to the Voyager writers, it would have definitely been something new. Star Trek Voyager Season 7 Episode 20

EMH: We'll be done in an hour. He inquires about where her facial implants have gone. Rough night? http://mmonoplayer.com/star-trek/star-trek-online-error-14.html SEVEN: Dessert will be a surprise.

I find that, as someone who likes this series, to be really depressing. Star Trek: Voyager The Void I think you're afraid that embracing your humanity will make you weak, less than perfect. TORRES: Please do. (Seven leaves.) TORRES: Was that Seven of Nine?

Consider it a housewarming gift. (Chakotay hands Seven a traditional netted loop of wood with dangling feathers.)NEELIX: It's beautiful.

SEVEN: One day. HOLO-CHAKOTAY: I'd love to hear you play. It’s very obviously not Jeri Ryan playing (which is forgivable), but it’s also not even the sound of a real piano! Star Trek Voyager Author Author Upon hearing this, Janeway gives Tom the order to go to warp.

SEVEN: By extracting the detonator with our transporter. [Bridge] JANEWAY: At this velocity? I've been thinking about a way to reconfigure the micro-circuitry. I had to smuggle them out of Airponics. have a peek here SEVEN: You approve?

Why? A new dress, dinner for two. EMH: Are you experiencing any shoulder pain? Paris counts down the time to impact on the bridge and it gets down to the final second when the warhead hits Voyager's shields, no explosion occurs.

Barclay is scared of social situations, Seven simply wants to be perfect in those situations. I won't lie to you, Seven. Finding one's heart is the surest road to individuality. TUVOK: Affirmative.

CHAKOTAY: You know, you should try socialising with the crew a little more. Janeway has another plan. Sign in Share More Report Need to report the video? but pretty much any of character would have been boring.

This isn't the first time you've left your station over the past few days. Idiomatic Expression that basically says "What's bad for you is good for me" Display a Digital Clock Need a way for Earth not to detect an extrasolar civilization that has radio the character is just fun to watch. More of yourself. (She starts again, but stops after a few bars.)HOLO-CHAKOTAY: That's all right.

Seven of Nine Garrett Wang ... HOLO-CHAKOTAY: You're beautiful when you're chopping. SEVEN: Our relationship is interfering with my responsibilities on Voyager. She gets more and more conflicted with emotion and the tiny alarm sounds again.

Human Error Stardate: Unknown Original Airdate: 7 March 2001 (The metronome helps the pianist keep time to Chopin's Nocturne no 1 in E minor, opus 72. Character development?