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With #ALARM, zMUD creates a trigger counting the commands you specified that counts down and fires immediately upon completion of the timer, while deleting itself. Don't let the ignorant minority tell you what to think or what to feel. Should i switch to using something like so: #FORALL user { #IF (@roomContents =~ %i) {} {} } I get a syntax error on %i Also how do you disable this I don't threaten people, and I'm not a member of one of the most vile and evil organizations of the mid 20th Century.I would not recommend anyone use IMC for this his comment is here

Top Login to post comments Sun, 2008-09-14 14:30 #166 Nuvantes (not verified) Here's everything I have from my bow system. It isn't the email, the protocol it was transported with, or the server it's stored on that is at fault if the admin chooses to abuse his access and read those And if it matched, it won't beckon. For example: > #echo 10*10 > 10*10 but: > #eval 10*10 > 100 and: > #echo [10*10] > 100 A more interesting example: > #echo %concat( 10*10, "abc") > 10*10abc The

I set this alarm: Code: #ALARM "Test" +10 {#SHOW Alarm message} #SHOW %alarm(Test) #NOOP %alarm(Test, %eval(%eval(20*10000)-400)) #SHOW %alarm(Test) Output was: Code: 10000 10000 Alarm message Then tried this: Code: #ALARM "Test" Top Login to post comments Tue, 2008-10-21 06:29 #167 Daeki Offline Joined: 2012-07-19 From my thread "Another Trigger Question": Quote:I'm messing around with some triggers just to practice and I can't a billion errors. $ gcc -c imc.c In file included from imc.c:92: imc.h:275: error: syntax error before '*' token imc.h:301: error: syntax error before 'bool' imc.h:301: As mentioned before, zMUD get's a little funky in the automapper when you change settings and stuff.

Top Login to post comments Tue, 2008-10-28 20:31 #171 Mathiu Offline Joined: 2012-06-27 Daeki wrote:'Allo! This was one of the things I did that I forgot about. Where's the complete code at? -- TycheWould you like me to repost more of my posts to your forum here?Clearly you did not post that, as there is which is it?

Too bad.So it's my turn to ask.Why is that you LIE about deleting trivial posts like the above from your forum? or that you were attempting to do a completely ignorant thing in order to attack someone.The first speaks about your lack coding ability, the second about your lack of character... I'm also getting a syntax error with: #FORALL @userInRoom {#IF (@roomContents =~ %i) {#SHOW SKIP;skipRoom=1} {}} I'm at wits end since %match and %regex don't work, i can't use a #TRIGGER You got angry and deleted them.

ZMud's a funny funny scripting language. With such large e-mail servers, it would be impractical if not impossible to sort through large amounts of data with just the intent of finding something interesting. It doesn't discriminate between broadcast or private, or between user generated packets and those generated by the system. Mentalia: Could you post a link to the protocol spec?

I want to check to see if any user on the mud is within the room. And logging onto Imperian one day (like the adict that I am) I accidently did somethin to cause it to show me a light blue screen every time I try to But it does and I don't know how to make it -not- do that. RugbystyleWandererJoined: 07 Oct 2001Posts: 71 Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 10:30 pm Yes, I do have to apologize, I put in the code once again and you're correct in that the

For commands it usually depends on the argument. http://mmonoplayer.com/syntax-error/syntax-error-example-in-vb-net.html That's the root of it though. To even be in the realm of possiblity, an admin would need some specific goal to even being searching all the data.IMC is a different story. Try this out on the command line to check for yourself #if (1 && 1) {#echo hi} #if (1 && 0) {#echo hi} V Top Sarvis Sojourner Posts: 6369 Joined: Fri

Also - without knowing the rest of your bow system it's hard to say what could be breaking it. It is very easy for an individual to be able to look at peer-to-peer communcation or private channels. My Alias Code: #alias {testalias} {#EXEC %expand(:@MyHealer:#var watchtart {1})} The window Code: #EXEC %expand(:@MyHealer:#var watchtart {1}) ^ syntax error weblink However, the < > are giving a syntax error in the editor window.

Typically the <> do not seem to be needed, becuase usually it expands on its own fine. Zugg probably has to add handling for arguments separately each time he defines a new function so it isn't odd these things occur. I know there was some fleeting discussion about making it compile on its own, and it will do that now, but as you can imagine doing so isn't terribly useful for

Isn't worth a major time investment for me atm...

Blue screen, a writing box, but no text. You incorrectly assume it was me who did so. Hosted by Wolfpaw.net Register to post in forums, or Log in to your existing account Site Web Enter your search terms You threw a childish hissy fit and demanded it.

When I Load other games, like Lusternia, it does just fine. But Imperian? but not the spec itself. check over here Hosted by Wolfpaw.net Zmud %match %regex =~ And Regex In @var Forums › Off-Topic › Tech Support › Client Help Search this site: THESE FORUMS ARE HERE FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY.

It's been long enough I don't recall all of the circumstances involved in it getting removed, but I know for certain that you were the instigator in the issue and that LarkinWizardJoined: 25 Mar 2003Posts: 1113Location: USA Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:04 pm The $ is a special character in CMUD that denotes a local variable, just as @ denotes a There's a term for people who do this, it's called "dictator". You are a darling.

I mean, if you compare to variables set to OFF they match. Then this: Code: #ALARM "Test" +10 {#SHOW Alarm message} #SHOW %alarm(Test) #EXEC {~#NOOP ~%alarm( Test, %eval( 40*1000-400))} #SHOW %alarm(Test) Output: Code: 10000 39590 Alarm message This one did alter the time Post a link to it in this thread and make it easier for me to help you. Navigation [0] Message Index [#] Next page [*] Previous page Go to full version Old TMC Forums (read-only) > OLD Administrator's Forum Banned from MudMagic (or running with scissors) <<

Still, it sounds familiar just the same. You can not assume that a command will expand/evaluate its argument. No packet sniffing is even necessary.Comparing large networks of data to IMC is like comparing the vastness of the Grand Canyon to the green outside my dorm. Top Login to post comments Thu, 2008-11-06 18:48 #176 Dino (not verified) I want to make a little thingie that automatically thins all thickened toxins in elixlist when a variable is

Or is there something else in your script that would affect it? I would like to get all my scripts syntax correct before trying to port anything over to cmud. Absolutely nothing is happening when I press Control and keypad 8. Frankly it gets old to have to repeat myself so much, but I guess you can't figure it out on one attempt.