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Syntax Error Unexpected $end At Token Eof

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and thats essentialy the the only piece of code thats different from when i load the shaders from text files.Thnx in Advance! how to match everything between a string and before next space Close current window shortcut Is there any financial benefit to being paid bi-weekly over monthly? And make sure you're passing the string to OpenGL correctly. So, we could do it with a while loop as below.

Does anyone know where the problem is?P.S. I have a pretty standard vertex shader: #version 330 layout(location=0) in vec4 in_Position; layout(location=1) in vec4 in_Color; out vec4 ex_Color; void main(void) { gl_Position = in_Position; ex_Color = in_Color; } and Latest Game Jobs Project Coordinator Contract at Milton Public Library Web / Game Developer Contract at Milton Public Library Senior Lecturer/Lecturer Game Technology in Programming Full-Time at NHTV Breda University of

Register now! How to reward good players, in order to teach other players by example Lagrange multiplier on unit sphere how to match everything between a string and before next space How do See what is at the end of each line? c++ opengl glsl shader vertex-shader share|improve this question asked Dec 14 '12 at 23:50 Alex Sanchez-Stern 2614 I just got that problem.

Not the answer you're looking for? What dice mechanic gives a bell curve distribution that narrows and increases mean as skill increases? Just load the whole thing up into a single string. Check it in the debugger.

It uses break rather than exit so the script can do something else after this part is done. –Joe Oct 5 '14 at 3:19 add a comment| up vote 2 down Your loading code doesn't work. L. Again, just to be sure.

Contact your forum moderator if you want to contribute to the list or have any comments. Aligning texts side by side with equations in \align environment How to decrypt .lock files from ransomeware on Windows Anxious about riding in traffic after 20 year absence from cycling Is Now, because of this, you can have each line as a separate string. Also, try putting an extra empty line at the end of the file.

Are there too few Supernova Remnants to support the Milky Way being billions of years old? this content But I've corrected it now saving it to a size_t variable and then typecasting that variable to (GLint *), and I still get the same errors –XaitormanX Sep 1 '12 at the sum of consecutive odd numbers Eating Skittles Like a Normal Person Is an internal HDD with Ubuntu automatically bootable from an external USB case? The most simple remedy is telling OpenGL which length the source string has exactly.

Why do the Avengers have bad radio discipline? Your entire shader is seen as one big single-line comment. What dice mechanic gives a bell curve distribution that narrows and increases mean as skill increases? weblink gl.glShaderSource(shaderloc, nSources, sources, sources_lengths, 0); gl.glCompileShader(shaderloc); // Actually if glGetError() returns an error you must call it in a loop // as OpenGL errors can accumulate, and you have to pop

Syntax error: unexpected “(”-3Shell script- syntax error: unexpected end of file2syntax error: unexpected end of file10Syntax error near unexpected token `('-1syntax error: unexpected end of the file4syntax error near unexpected token Add a language to a polyglot Binary to decimal converter French vs Italian resistance An electronics company produces devices that work properly 95% of the time Square root image filter tool The propper way to deal with this would be a large try/catch block arround this, that cleans up OpenGL objects of shader compilation does not complete.

It shouldn't matter, but there can be driver bugs.

I'm at my wits end, I can't figure out what the issue is. I edit the files with gedit under Ubuntu, which uses UTF-8. How should I tell my employer? After adding those file to the project it works fine, sorry for making such a stupid question!

An expensive jump with GCC 5.4.0 A pilot's messages Bounce off the atmosphere at reentry? opengl shader jogl share|improve this question edited Jun 19 '11 at 6:47 asked Jun 19 '11 at 6:32 rjacks 7001515 Try adding empty line after the last bracket, that How to write an effective but very gentle reminder email to supervisor to check the Manuscript? check over here more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed