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Sunray Error Code 47

Bring up utsettings: % utsettings 3. This is an informational OSD; there is no particular action to take unless it is necessary to kill the print job. The solution in this situation is to add more memory or increase the size of the swap partition. Beneficial to developers. http://mmonoplayer.com/sunray-error/sunray-error-code-28e.html

The supported USB devices list is available at http://www.sun.com/io_technologies/sunray/usb/ 3. Regards, --Robert S. This can occur for any of several reasons, including load balancing. Downloading and saving the new PROM software usually takes less than a minute.

Check the messages file /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages to verify the version number. 2. For non-routed private interconnect configurations, the Sun Ray server also performs the functions of a DHCP server. Check that the Ethernet cable is correctly plugged in to the back of the DTU and the other end is plugged into the correct switch or network outlet. 2.

If you have smartcards,do they also get 26D?I do not have smart card users.Post by ottomeisterLook in /var/opt/SUNWut/log/auth_log for clues as to why theNSCM greeter or the X server for that It's fairly simple, works well, and completely avoids the > > need to > > deal with IPSEC. > > We have experiemented with that as well but found the LinkSys Exception ... read/1: ...

Session Refused Definition: The client is refusing to connect to a server because it is unable to verify the validity of the Sun Ray server. Can anyone recommend a cost-effective (less > than 1000$) cisco (or other vendor) router for the server side to make > use of the WAN feature of the new Sun Rays? These have been generated by disabling sunray services, then installing the /usr/dt/config/X{servers,config} in /etc/dt/config/, cold restart of SRSS, reboot of server. Veritas.com Support Veritas Open Exchange Login or Join Communities Information Governance Backup and Recovery Business Continuity Partners Inside Veritas Vision 2016 Developers Blogs Groups Vision 2016 Vision 2016 Vision 2016 Blog

To display it, press the three audio volume keys simultaneously. My system worked fine until I did the upgrade to last falls Solaris10 Upgrade. Your Comment: HTML Syntax: NOT allowed About I post here hands-on examples which I have used in my Oracle VDI Desktop Virtualization projects at customers and partners. Amber Hardware fault.

So now I ended up swaping it out with one that was in my office and rebuilding the multi-head group, and they were all set. Make sure that you are using a supported USB-serial adapter. Downloading and saving the new PROM software usually takes less than a minute. This icon is displayed as part of the normal startup phase and is usually displayed for only a few seconds.

All prices quoted in this email are exclusive of GST & Freight and valid only while stocks last. http://mmonoplayer.com/sunray-error/sunray-error-code-27d.html For non-routed private interconnect configurations, the Sun Ray server also performs the functions of a DHCP server. Sep 11 20:46:24 [] 0x0.0x436 0:3:ba:3c:1b:c1 USB: usb hub port 4 overcurrent! If utquery fails to display an AuthSrvr parameter, the DHCP server for Sun Ray parameters may not be reachable or may not be configured properly.

Check the network drop cable. The Sun Ray administration model has seven user session types: Default--Normal user login Register--User self-registration Kiosk--Anonymous user operation Insert card--User smart card required Card error--Unrecognized user smart card type No entry--User's Verify that Mute is not selected. navigate here No Sun Ray Object If the Sun Ray server has the Sun Management Center agent component installed, but the Detail window shows no Sun Ray object for the Sun Ray server

Codes E, F, H, and I are valid only with OSD icon 28 E VPN Phase 1 IKE initiated. In other situations, network load or packet loss may be too high. Audio Device Emulation The emulated audio device follows the user session during hotdesking.

AdminJobQ--Used in the implementation to wrap a library that would not otherwise be thread-safe.

Monitor Display Resolution Defaults to 640 x 480 First, eliminate the most obvious possible causes: An older monitor A bad cable Monitor was off when the Sun Ray DTU was started Sep 11 20:46:23 [] 0x0.0x3d0 0:3:ba:3c:1b:c1 USB: usb hub port 3 overcurrent! Troubleshooting USB Mass Storage Devices The most common problems encountered with USB mass storage devices on Sun Ray DTUs are described in the following sections. When there is a problem, the administrator should examine: Sun Ray Server configuration files Caution - Sun Ray Server Software modifies certain system configuration files.

Tagged as: Computer Hardware, Interesting, Solaris, Sun, Sun Ray, Thin Clients, Work, Zones/Containers Comments Off 3Aug/06Off new "ultra thin" client? Note - The current wait icon is a white "X" cursor. For many issues error codes in different sets overlap. his comment is here In the process of starting the Xsun server, the dtlogin daemon reads two configuration files: /etc/dt/config/Xservers /etc/dt/config/Xconfig If, after several retries, the Xsun process does not start, the dtlogin daemon just

This error can occur only if an unknown Sun Ray server intercepts the messages and tries to emulate a valid Sun Ray server. In very rare cases, network cables or switch equipment may be defective. 1. C DHCP provided IP address and Sun Ray vendor-specific parameters, but subnet mask and router are missing. Design Tips Avoid drawing into off-screen memory and then copying large areas to the screen.

Able to ping client from master and master from client. One utaudio(1)real-time process is assigned to each session. To Activate the Redirection Library 1. Debug messages can reveal session IDs, which must be kept secret to ensure proper security.

In a LAN configuration or other routed environment: 2. Audio Malfunction If audio features are malfunctioning: 1. Register the module by typing: # /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utsunmc This command adds the module to the Sun Management Center and restarts the agent if it is active. 2.