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Sunray Error Code 22b

Notification that authentication modules have loaded. ...DISCONNECT ... You can look up the meaning of the numeric OSD message codes in TABLE B-1 and the alphabetic DHCP state codes in TABLE B-2. Note - Sun Ray DTUs can function in a private interconnect or in a simple LAN environment with only an IP address, but additional basic parameters and Sun Ray-specific vendor options Downloading and saving the new PROM software usually takes less than a minute. http://mmonoplayer.com/sunray-error/sunray-error-code-28e.html

CallBack#--Communicate with applications such as utload. Device nodes are created in the /tmp/SUNWut/dev/utaudio directory. Some of these errors should be brought to the attention of the Sun Ray product development team. Upgrade the firmware.

In this case, the Redirection OSD icon is displayed for a few seconds and then, as the Sun Ray Client interacts with the new server's Authentication Manager, the Waiting to Connect If you interrupt the download, the DTU has to download new PROM software the next time it reboots. Encryption and authentication information is also displayed when appropriate. As an alternative, confirm whether your site requires hard security mode.

Debug messages can reveal session IDs, which must be kept secret to ensure proper security. If it is displayed for an extended period, there is probably no X Window server running. WatchID--Used to poll data/terminals from connections Terminator--Cleans up terminal sessions Group Manager--Main group manager thread message_class Messages with the same thread name are related. invalid key: DTU does not properly implement the authentication protocol.

AdminJobQ--Used in the implementation to wrap a library that would not otherwise be thread-safe. The utquery command displays the parameters a Sun Ray DTU has received. This icon typically appears only during an unusually long print job and disappears when the job is done. If utquery fails to display an AuthSrvr parameter, the DHCP server for Sun Ray parameters may not be reachable or may not be configured properly.

The card is malfunctioning. You may need to use a dedicated private network. Barrier is 310 Firmware level is 0 2. The card contacts are dirty, the contacts on the card reader are dirty, or the card is not properly inserted.

H VPN Phase 2 initiated. To determine whether there is excessive swapping, use vmstat 5. # vmstat 5 If there is excessive swapping, the system may be undersized or overutilized. 2. The exception occurs when a Worker# thread disconnects a DTU and then purges the connection information from memory. Use utcapture to assess network latency and packet loss.

Port Currently Owned by Another Application If this message displays, use the following procedure to correct it: 1. his comment is here Tip - To get the same effect on non-Sun keyboard, disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet wire. Upgrade the firmware to SRSS 4.0. 2. Check that the Ethernet cable is correctly plugged in to the back of the DTU and the other end is plugged into the correct switch or network outlet. 2.

Some of these errors should be brought to the attention of the Sun Ray product development team. Actions to take: 1. Cannot find module Program or installation error. this contact form Make sure that the Sun Ray services, including the Authentication Manager, are up and running on the Sun Ray server.

FIGURE B-14 VPN Connection Established Firmware Download Diagnostics When firmware download error occurs, OSD icon 4 (see FIGURE B-15) displays the appropriate error code and a descriptive text string. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Saving PROM Software Definition: The DTU has just downloaded new PROM software from the Sun Ray server and is saving it to the DTU's PROM.

A large red X drawn through a lock symbol next to a green check mark with no IP address indicates that the client refuses to connect.

If not, look at your bootp relay configurations and DHCP server configurations for network and Sun Ray parameters. A stale mount point persists until the administrator unmounts it manually or until the system is rebooted. These last four session types and their OSDs should not cause alarm. If the Sun Ray module is listed, highlight it and then click the Load button.

This icon is displayed only after the DTU successfully boots and receives an IP address, but then loses its Ethernet signal. The user can: Insert a recognized smart card in the correct orientation Ask the Sun Ray administrator to grant access Ask the Sun Ray administrator to download the correct firmware Wait Actions to take: 1. http://mmonoplayer.com/sunray-error/sunray-error-code-27d.html Check /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages to confirm that your configuration is set up properly.

The client is a secondary client in a multihead group, and the primary client is not currently connected. 62 Server Policy Token reader. NOTICE “discarding response: “ + param No controlling application is present to receive DTU response. ”NOT_CLAIMED PARAMETERS: “ + param A token was not claimed by any authentication module. For LAN configurations with other (non-Sun Ray) DHCP services but no bootp proxy agent, verify the DHCP server and the Sun Ray vendor tags. 2. The card is of a type that the firmware is not configured to read.

FIGURE B-16 Firmware Download in Progress This icon indicates that the DTU is currently downloading new flash PROM software from the Sun Ray server. Normal notification of disconnection. The applications benefit from faster transport of commands to the Sun Ray's X server. AdminJobQ--Used in the implementation to wrap a library that would not otherwise be thread-safe.

CONFIG_ERROR--Indicates a system configuration error. Opaque stipple patterns are faster than transparent stipples. The Worker# thread names are reused when a connection terminates. For non-routed private interconnect configurations, the Sun Ray server also performs the functions of a DHCP server.

After the Sun Ray DTU has verified its network connection, the user should see this OSD: FIGURE B-3 Network Connection Verified This icon indicates that the DTU has detected the Ethernet