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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1


If not, replace the flow switch. Remove your filters. Can the wrapped garden hose go either way? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Check This Out

Is there voltage going to pump, Is there adequate Flow coming out of Heater Port in Spa?Testing to see if Circ Pump or Flow Switch. Contact dealer or a service technician if problem continues.OHOne of the sensors detected that the water in the hot tub is 112°F (44°C). If the motor shaft is free wheeling you could try to replace your start capacitor. There is no voltage present at circ pump contacts on the pwa.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1

Still get the error.I understand from several of the post I have read that the FL1 and 2 errors are related to a flow switch being stuck. The Jacuzzi Spa J-280 features four deep bucket seats, and basic jetting keeping the cost down. Also, I'm not familiar with the abbreviation PWA and the "circulation pump" is not labeled anywhere. My spa cables are colour coded to European regulations where brown is live and blue is neutral.

It worked fine for a month but now it's showing a FLO error alternating with the temperature of the water. FINAL NOTE: Balboa M7 systems have the Temperature Sensor as well as the Hi Limit sensor installed in the heater assembly, one at each end. Reset the countdown timer when finished.FL1 or FL2 (Flashing)When FL1 code starts flashing it means the flow switch is malfunctioning and stuck open-likely because of a dirty filter or because there Sundance Spa Flow Switch WATCHDOG Error Code: - - - or - - - - The most common cause of theWatchdogerror code are the sensors, specifically the temperature sensor.

we have turned the spa on and off - sometimes this fixes it, we have changed the filter which is clean. We turned it off finished filling it up and turned it back on. Hold your garden hose over the filter wall fitting (with grate) using a rag as a seal around hose end, then ask a helper to turn on water for 30 seconds, Any help/thought would be greatly appreciated.

We've searched for local spa techs and have had no such luck. Sundance Spa Flow Switch Testing Check for Flow/Pressure Switch problem.FL2:Flow switch or pressure switch closed when pump is not running. d) Replace the filter cartridge and verify the solution worked.4. If you recently drained and refilled your Sundance Spa you could have an air lock.

Sundance Spa Error Codes

Patty Dechellis April 13, 2014 Reply I NEED A ANSWER?? If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa. Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1 If one of these sensors needs to be replaced BOTH should be replaced at the same time. Sundance Spa Troubleshooting Fl1 To clear the message press button D toreturn to the Main MenuPress the D button to clear the message and return to the main menu.Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-300 Error Conditions/ Error

After the pump primes itself, the error message should go away.5. his comment is here IC, ICE, ICE2 Freeze Condition detected; Warm up procedure begins. Nigel August 29, 2016 Reply Linda if the heat icon is staying off and you can't get the temperature to drop to 85 try setting the control panel to Economy mode If you are sure your filters are not soiled you will next want to check that your water level is good ie just touching the bottom of your cushions or 3/4 Sundance Spa Flo Error

It's only showing power … July 04, 2014 Reply Check the connections of both sensors where they enter the harness at J2. Spa is shut down. If the wire is good you may have a bad circulation pump. this contact form Temp has crept up from 88 to 93, but not from heater, thermal transfer I guess.

Can also mean the hi-limit temp sensor is detecting temp above 116°F/46°C.Please Check FilterMessage displays when the reminder time of the filter has expired. Sundance Spa Temperature Sensor But the heater fails to come and stay on. When the water is not flowing it should be OPEN, not CLOSED, if it is closed replace it.

So I can only guess what I'm looking at is in fact accurate.

Any suggestions. FLO, FL, FLC, FL1, PS, Blinking Lights Pressure Switch or Flow Switch Failure. Robert Christian October 26, 2015 Reply I am getting constant FL1 msg after emptying tub, replacing heater and refilling the tub. Sundance Spa Error Code 616 We used a garden hose and a towel in the filter box to un block any airways and we replaced the pressure switch.

Logged TysonTy1 Junior Member Posts: 4 Re: Sundance 780 FL2 Error Cir Pump Will not turn off. Q: My control panel reads the error code "OH." What do I do? Spears Spears Manufacturing SPP Sta-Rite Sundance® Spas Sundance® Spas Teledyne Laars Thermcore / Global Heating Thermodisc ThermProducts Tridelta Tridelta, Tecmark U.S. navigate here Check for clogged/excessively dirty filter cartridge.

The J-315 is similar to the J-325 but has more jetting for more water movement.The J-365 jacuzzi hot tub hot tub spa is a 6 person hot tub. Still same problem. These error codes can be caused for several different reasons. SN1 or SN 2 Error CodesSn1 Error Code: Heater is deactivated.

The J-385 has a large step to enter the hot tub that can be very useful in the evening.The Jacuzzi Spa J-325 hot tub spa is a 3-4 person hot tub. Check for dirty or clogged filter cartridge.3. Torrance October 12, 2015 Reply My sundance cayman hot tub is not heating up the water, I am not getting any fault codes on the control panel. The circulation pump doesn't seem to run ever.

If the red light comes on use your multimeter to check for 240vac at test points J9 and J10 on your PWA. In most cases overheat issues are related to the relays on the circuit board, or the temp sensor has failed and will need to be replaced. Below are some of the more recent Jacuzzi models. Ideas?? - thanks, chip Nigel June 23, 2016 Reply Chip with the pump on test the psi switch with your multimeter set for ohms.

Raise the water temp settings in order to cancel the Summer Logic condition. The spa will shut the circulation pump off if the water gets 2 degrees above the set temperature. Everything is working on the spa.